For over 30 years a Japanese culture festival has been held within metro-Atlanta. Throughout the years it has changed names and locations, but for the past few years it has been held at the Gwinnett Center. Last year’s JapanFest had over 16,500 attendees making it the festival’s largest ever turnout.

JapanFest is a display of both traditional Japanese culture and its adaptations to modern influences. The conference halls are filled with various performing arts such as music and dance,  martial arts and Japanese archery. There are several hands-on workshops that could be attended to learn things such as calligraphy. One half of the exhibition hall is filled with vendors booths selling things such as kimonos, Asian pottery and anime toys. The other half is a Japanese food eatery serving things like noodles, sushi and iced desserts.

There are displays setup within the hallways of the exhibition halls as well displaying bonzai trees, Japanese floral arrangements and charitable foundations collecting money for tsunami recovery projects.

Outside of the Gwinnett Center there are several Koi fish deals selling various sizes of beautiful Koi fish.

I’d didn’t get to spend much time there when I went on Sunday afternoon, but here’s a few pictures of what I saw there.