Although Suwanee only occupies 10 square miles towards the north of Gwinnett County, it has been instrumental in the growth of the entire county this past decade due its strong focus on building a better community for its citizens. While Lawrenceville might be the center of the Gwinnett’s government, Suwanee is the center of its community.

History of Suwanee

Suwanee has been a popular place to live before the USA was even a country. A approximately three square mile portion of land in Suwanee now called Old Town Suwanee was ceded to the US government by the Cherokee and Creek Indians in the late 1810s.

Suwanee didn’t become an official recognized town until it built its first post office in 1838. After the Suwanee Post Office the town continued to grow at a slow pace until the railroads started coming to Gwinnett and changed everything.

Suwanee received its first railroad depot in 1871 and the town began to expand rapidly around it. Later a smaller station was built at what is now the intersection of Lawrenceville-Suwanee and the railroad tracks there, right beside Town Center Park.

A small railroad was built in 1881 between Lawrenceville and Suwanee that people would use to change onto another railroad that could take them to Atlanta.

After the railroad boom had established Suwanee, it saw itself turned into an agricultural town with cotton being its main crop that was grown, processes and exported. Suwanee remained as such for beginning and middle of the 20th century.

Suwanee was officially incorporated in 1949, but didn’t have another population expansion until the next big transportation innovation came through its borders, I-85. As the US Interstate system was being built, other highways began construction as well. Suwanee responded to the changes by spending its efforts developing Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road into a viable traveling stop.

Throughout the 2000s, Suwanee was a leader in Gwinnett by promoting and building the community aspect of the city. The City of Suwanee’s construction of Town Center, its expansion of the parks system and its residing the the GCPS school district lead Money magazine to name Suwanee in its top 10 list of places to live in 2007.

Since achieving that prestigious accolade, Suwanee has continued to invest in its community and craft a better place for its citizens to live. The construction to incorporate City Hall into Town Center Park is one of the cities most recent and notable accomplishments.

Suwanee example has lead other neighboring cities to start behaving likewise. Gwinnett as a county has and will continue to prosper as a result of what the citizens of Suwanee had a vision to accomplish and how the Suwanee government managed their funds.

Notable Locations in Suwanee

  • Suwanee Town Center Park – Combination park, retail stores, business offices and housing into one multiuse plaza.
  • Historic Old Town – Historic area of Suwanee across from Town Center Park
  • PlayTown Park – Very large community-built playground.
  • Suwanee Creek Greenway – One of the longest multi-purpose trails in Gwinnett. Connects trails to other parks and through Town Center Park.
  • Hui Tz Tao Temple – Volunteer-built Tao Temple that looks like it fell right out of feudal China.

Suwanee Facts and Figures

Small sample of data provided on the City of Suwanee’s Facts and Figures page.

  • Land Area – Approximately 6,970 acres or 10.8 square miles.
  • Population – 15,355 (U.S. Census, 2010)
  • Household Income – $84,038 (City of Suwanee, 1999)
  • Average Age – 31.6 (Claritas, 2006)
  • Racial Distribution – White 67.4%, Asian 18.0%, African-American 10.8%, Other 3.8% (U.S. Census, 2010)

Public Schools in Suwanee

Elementary Schools

  • Suwanee Elementary
  • Level Creek Elementary
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Roberts Elementary
  • Burnett Elementary
  • Parsons Elementary
  • Johns Creek Elementary
  • Settles Bridge Elementary
  • Sharon Elementary
  • Peachtree Ridge Cluster ES (opening 2013/14)
  • Walnut Grove Elementary
  • White Oak Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Richard Hull Middle School
  • Lanier Middle School
  • North Gwinnett Middle School
  • Peachtree Ridge Cluster MS (Peachtree Ridge) (opening 2013/14)
  • Riverwatch Middle School

High Schools

Other Education

Higher Education

Other Schools

Parks in Suwanee

  • Town Center Park
  • Sims Lake Park
  • George Pierce Park
  • PlayTown Park
  • Suwanee Creek Park
  • Harvest Farm

Libraries in Suwanee

Photos from around Suwanee