The Gwinnett Environment & Heritage Center in Buford is a educational, recreational and exhibition center devoted to educating visitors about becoming more environmentally friendly. The Heritage Center has a nearly 60,000 square foot science and cultural center filled with exhibitions that help students learn more about the environment and how better to protect it.

The building is an exhibit of eco-friendliness and resource conversation itself by being Gwinnett’s first ‘green’ building. It has exceeded the (LEED) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver Level standards of the U.S. Green Building Council.


  • 233 acres
  • Interactive, hands-on science exhibits
  • Cultural and natural history exhibits
  • U.S. Green Building Council Design strategies
  • 12 Nature trails
  • Connects to Ivy Creek Greenway
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Pavilion

The Park Through Pictures

The Gwinnett Environment & Heritage Center continues to be one of the most popular spots for children of all ages to visit because of all the science and culture center.

Even without entering the facility, the focus on being eco-friendly is on display all around.

Surrounding the science and culture center are some of the best running trails in Gwinnett, especially if you prefer non-paved surfaces and hills to run on.

There are several outdoor pavilions located around the Heritage Center useful for all types of outings.

My Final Thoughts about the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center

The Heritage Center is one of the crown jewels of Gwinnett and is something every citizen should visit, especially if you or your children want to learn more about being environmentally friendly.

There is a refreshing peace that I feel whenever I go there to run. Even though it is only a few minutes away from the Mall of Georgia, a lot of the day’s stress melts away when you are running through the trees. At least until you have to run on Stream Ecology Loop, now that’s some stress.

Parents and teachers love it because it provides a vital education for the future leaders of our county, state and and nation. Children enjoy the interactive and visual exhibitions.

If you’ve never been here before, do yourself a favor and give it a visit. More information about their hours and exhibits can be found on the main Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center website.

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