Harbins Park in Dacula is one of Gwinnett’s newest parks and is the largest park in Gwinnett. It is one of the few parks that caters to almost any type of person seeking some outdoor adventure. Along with the playground and outdoor pavilions for family fun, it has multi-mile trails for paved running, trail running, mountain biking and horseback riding all at this park in Dacula. It even has a large open green space appropriate for some kite flying and various other kinds of tom foolery.


  • 1,290 acres
  • Playground
  • Pavilion
  • Grills
  • Restrooms
  • Equestrian trailer parking
  • 4.3-mile paved multi-purpose trail
  • 7-mile equestrian trail
  • 7-mile mountain biking trail
  • 4.5-mile hiking trail

The Park Through Pictures

Upon first arrival at Harbins Park you are greeted with a nice custom sign, different than the standard Gwinnett Park teal signage.

Harbins Park Entrance Sign

As you can tell from the map, Harbins has one central parking lot right at the front and then the various trails and amenities branch outward from there. Try not to focus to much on the ruggedly good-looking person in the reflection of the map.

Harbins Park Trail MapYeah, it was hard not to focus. I can’t blame you.


The restrooms are located right in front in a nice facility, right across from the park map.

Harbins Park Restroom Building

Also, towards the front of the parking lot is the entrance to the mountain bike trail.

Harbins Park Mountain Bike Trail Entrance

I didn’t walk down the trail, but I’ll post a YouTube video of someone who did a very good review of the trail and the end of this article.

Despite the number of trails and the multiple types of trails, Harbins Park is well documented with signs throughout to help you find your way.

Harbins Park Signs

Harbins Park Post Sign

Harbins Park Mid Trail Sign

Harbins Park Post Sign

Another unique feature of Harbins is the large open meadow. So far in my journeys to the various parks in Gwinnett, I haven’t see anything quite like it. It’s kind of like a bald spot on a hill rather than the typical manicured amphitheater that transforms into open greenspace.

Harbins Park Meadow SignHarbins Park Meadow TrailHarbins Park Open Meadow

As you can see from the map, Harbins Park is full of trails. Here are a few of the terrain running trains and I think a few of the equestrian trails intersect with them.

Harbins Park Running TrailHarbins Park Running TrailHarbins Park Running Trail

Here is a nice video review done by a mountain bike trail website showing off the trails where walking down with a camera is generally frowned upon.

Finally, here is a sniper shot of the playground. I’m hesitant to be the bearded guy with a big camera walking up to a playground full of kids and taking pictures, so I’m sorry for the poor quality.

Summary of Harbins Park

Harbins Park is a trail person’s paradise. Whether you are looking for a nice off-pavement trail to do some running, biking or horse back riding in Gwinnett, Harbins has it. To my knowledge it about the only park in Gwinnett that really caters to mountain bikers in any substantial way.

One of the main benefits of terrain running trails is to avoid the monotony of running circles, and while some parks might have terrain trails, they are often too short to let you feel as if you’re running deep throughout the woods. Harbins has a nice long wooded trail that lets you run for almost 5 miles without having to repeat a course. I’m not sure if the 7-mile equestrian and mountain bike trail are equally sufficient for those activities.

I believe that what Harbins is considered in Phase I. If Phase 2 or 3 ever come close to their proposed designs, it will be one of the nicest parks in the USA. Seriously, just look at the proposed community elements design (pdf).

What feature do you use most at Harbins Park?

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