Rabbit Hill Park in Dacula is a bit on the smaller side but it packs several amenities on its 107 acres such as soccer fields, a large playground, a beautiful water feature and a dog park.


  • 107 acres
  • Five youth soccer fields
  • Multi-purpose field
  • 2.5-mile paved multi-purpose trail
  • Grill
  • Restrooms
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Playground
  • Pavilion
  • Dog park

The Park Through Pictures

Upon entering the park through its only entrance on Rabbit Hill Road, the parking lot splits off in a few different directions depending on which feature you are wanting to get to.

For me on this trip, which included four little dogs, it was off to the dog park where our youngest had more fun than she could handle.

Rabbit Hill has three different fenced in areas for dogs to play in: one for dogs 20 lbs and under, one for dogs 21 lbs and up, and one ‘Dog Run’ that is free for all size dogs.

After much struggling to get four dogs to sit still long enough, we got a half decent posed shot of our dogs and their friends all together.

Next I was off to the playground area.

The playground had a number of different things to do keep the kidos occupied with plenty of places for parents to sit and watch. There was also a large covered pavilion right next to it so parents can sit in the shade and still be near their kids.

Another big win for Rabbit Hill’s playground is the close proximately of a bathroom should the need be pressing.

Right past the playground is a beautiful water feature that slowly cascades down to the lake.

Past the water feature is a small lake with portions of the multi-purpose trail going around it.

On the other side of the lake, a portion of the trail splits off and goes briefly into the woods to loop around the dog park to the right side of Rabbit Hill.

Looking back from here gives you a full view of several of the park’s features from across the lake. (Click the image to view the full panorama)

Back towards the front of the park and towards the back are the five youth soccer fields all next to each other.

The entrance of the soccer fields has a restroom area, concession stand and some picnic tables to sit at.

Summary of Rabbit Hill Park

As I continue to do these reviews of Gwinnett County parks, I’m so impressed with how each park seems to cater to a specific type of person. Harbins Park was designed for people who lovedtrails; full of long mountain bike trails, running trails and equestrian trails. Tribble Mill caters to large group activities. Rabbit Hill seems designed for young families.

The layout of the playground and scenic water feature and lake behind it are laid out perfectly for a mom to take her young kids to in the middle of the day and spend a few hours of relaxing while her kids run around.

The dog park is great place for people with dogs who maybe are cramped inside an apartment all day and don’t get many opportunities to play with other canines. For those living towards the north end of Gwinnett, check out Settles Bridge Park for a similar dog park there.

The youth soccer fields are sure to hold many games during the season for lots of family fun.

People looking for a park to do a nice long run should look elsewhere though. The park lists a 2.5 mile multi-purpose surface, but I believe they get that number by overlapping a few places where the two main loops of the trail intersect. To get any real distance on a run you’d have to do a good amount of looping and running around parking lots.

I think Rabbit Hill Park is a perfect place to go and waste away a nice Sunday afternoon — watch some dogs run around, take some children to play near a trickling waterfall and maybe walk a lap around a lake.

What feature do you use most at Rabbit Hill Park?

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