Built in 2009, Settles Bridge Park in Suwanee is a recent addition to the county’s parks, featuring one of the few off-leash dog parks in Gwinnett County. Settles Bridge has something for every member of the family, including a playground, basketball court, a skate park, and miles of biking and running trails. Like most parks in Gwinnett, Settles Bridge opens at sunrise and closes at sunset unless otherwise posted.


  • 268 acres
  • Skate complex
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Dog park area
  • Playground
  • Pavilions
  • Restrooms
  • 1.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail
  • 2.9-mile soft surface trail
  • Grill

The Park through Pictures

Two entrances to Settles Bridge Park are located on Johnson Road in Suwanee, near Riverside Elementary School. The entrance of the park brings its family-friendly aspects to the forefront: parking is accessible and easy to navigate, and the playground equipment, restrooms, pavilion area, skate park, and basketball courts are located right at the entrance.

Brightly colored shelters provide shade for children and parents using the playground, and the covered pavilion allows for outdoor events even in warm or wet weather.

The skating complex is a big draw for Settles Bridge, as kids, teens, and even adults practice their dips and jumps on bikes and skateboards.

Crowds can usually also be found at the basketball court, although a low wall divides the space into two half-courts rather than allowing it be used for full-court games.

While most of the park’s amenities – especially those that appeal to kids and families – are located at the entrance, the sprawling park doesn’t end there.

One of the park’s most popular features, the off-leash dog park, is located about 100 yards past the entrance and is connected by a paved trail. The dog park is divided into three sections: one for small dogs (under 20 lbs.), one for large dogs (over 20 lbs.), and a long dog run that is open to any animal.

Both the large and small dog areas include shaded sitting areas, obstacles for dog agility training, and water fountains with bowls built into the bottom.

The same paved trail that leads to the dog park stretches into a network of trails almost 2 miles long that wind through the park. The trails are wide enough to be used by large groups of bicyclists, or even parents with strollers, going side-by-side.

The park also offers nearly three miles of soft trails. These trails are somewhat hilly and offer a good challenge for a beginning cross country runner. The soft trails are more secluded than the paved trails, cutting through more wooded areas of the park.

Summary of Settles Bridge Park

Settles Bridge Park is a great option for the family who wants to get out and be active while spending some quality time together. The variety of amenities it offers means there is something for just about everyone, and with over 260 acres, there is plenty of room to roam and explore. The park is easy to get to, and even though it’s in the middle of residential Suwanee, it never feels cramped.

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