Located just a few miles from downtown Suwanee, Sims Lake Park is a small, general-purpose park perhaps most often used by photographers for its scenic backdrops.

Sims Lake Park was opened in 2008 and consists of 0ver 60 acres, located at the intersection of Suwanee Dam and Tench Roads. The park includes its namesake 7-acre lake, a fenced in playground, open fields, and wide, paved trails.


  • 62 acres
  • 7-acre lake and stream system
  • 1.2 mile trail
  • playground
  • picnic pavilion
  • two 2-acre play meadows
  • outdoor classroom
  • restrooms

The Park Through Pictures

Sims Lake is easy to find since it’s located on Suwanee Dam Road, one of Suwanee’s main thoroughfares. One of the most recognizable features of the park is the namesake lake, with a self-feeding streamscape leading to it and a fountain in the center. Fishing is not allowed on the lake, but flocks of geese and ducks provide a fun nature experience for families.One thing that sets Sims Lake apart from other Gwinnett parks is the number of picturesque locations. This, combined with its central location, make it a popular spot for family portraits or special event photo shoots, including proms, engagements, and weddings. Beautiful nooks are tucked away all over the park, so there’s a variety of natural backdrops to choose from.Sims Lake offers more than just a pretty landscape, however. Its trails are not challenging enough for an experienced runner, but the smooth, paved walkways, moderate slopes, and shaded paths make it ideal for families using bikes or strollers, as well as dog walkers and seniors. I’ve also met several walkers and joggers at Sims Lake who use the easy trails to begin exercising again after an injury or long hiatus. The trails feature mile markers at regular intervals to help walkers track their distance.Sims Lake also has something for a more active crowd; namely, children. Located at the entrance is a playground area and pavilion. Benches are located around the play area to give parents a place to relax.Two open fields are ideal for older children. They are often used for impromptu soccer or Frisbee games, and serve as a meeting place for several public exercise classes and “boot camps” in the area.Sims Lake Park also offers a place for mental exercise with its outdoor classroom. Located in a shaded grove close to the main entrance and across from one of the open fields, the outdoor classroom is a convenient place for groups to gather.

Summary of Sims Lake Park

Sims Lake Park is comparatively small compared to other parks in the area and doesn’t offer as many specialized options, such as horse trails, cross country paths, and dog parks. However, what it does, it does well. It is ideal for families with young children, bikers, on-leash dog walkers, seniors, and anyone who wants to increase their fitness level but it still at the beginning stages of exercise. It has found its target audience, and on any pleasant day you can bet on this park being full of people.

The park is located just a few miles from Suwanee’s Town Center, which the city is fashioning as an artsy, upscale but quaint community, and Sims Lake Park fits that vibe perfectly.

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