Tribble Mill Park in Lawrenceville is a sprawling 700 acre park that has been apart of Gwinnett for over 10 years. There are two lakes on the property, Ozora and Chandler Lake, and a large meadow called Ozora Meadows that can accommodate up to 3,500 people.

There are a few paved and non-paved surfaces to accommodate all types of people such as runners, mountain bikers and equestrian riders. The eastern portion of Ozora Lake has a 3.4 mile paved surface trail around its circumference. The non-paved surfaces cut through the park and around portions of the lake and total around 12 miles.

There is a boat dock where you can launch non-motorized boats out on the lake to do some fishing or just paddle around if that suits you.


  • 700 acres
  • Fishing lake (non-motorized boats allowed)
  • Boat ramp
  • Ozora Meadows, accommodates up to 3,500 people for large events
  • Playground
  • Pavilions
  • 3.4-mile paved multi-purpose trial
  • Soft surface trails for equestrian and mountain biking
  • Grill
  • Restrooms

The Park Through Pictures

Upon entering the park through the entrance off New Hope Road, you are greeted with a friendly green median area and the custom park sign. As with Habins Park, I really like that this sign isn’t the teal sign that most of the other Gwinnett parks have.

Right after the entrance gate, there is a small parking area and a pavilion with the Tribble Mill park map.

The amenities at Tribble Mill are a bit scattered throughout the park so you might need to drive to certain sections to get to specific items. So if you’re unsure of exactly what you want to do, stop at the entrance and take a gander (proper southern word) at the map and then go from there.

The main feature of Tribble Mill are the lakes, Ozora and Chandler. The playground is near them, some running trails go by them and there are piers you can fish from if you don’t have a boat to set out on.

There are a combination of paved and unpaved trails that will take you through the woods and around the lake.

Some the trails are designed for horseback riding and mountain biking.

Or take your adventure into the water.

Tribble Mill has a large playground near the water to make for a relaxing afternoon while your kids play.

And family reunions can be held at one of Tribble Mill’s three pavilions.

History of Tribble Mill

The Georgia Parks website states that the mill that gives Tribble Mill its name ran on a river on the property from the 1830s until the 1950s. The land was privately owned up until the 1990s.

Summary of Tribble Mill Park

I visited Tribble Mill Park in late February so it was a bit cold and not as cheery as I imagine it is in the middle of summer. From what I saw two things really stood out.

It appears to be build for equestrians. There were dedicated parking lots for horse trailers and lots of signs for equestrian trails. In my short time there I saw four people riding horses, so it might be the only park in the area where people can go to ride.

The other thing that stood out was how nice it would be to hold a large family event at the pavilion by the playground. The playground is big enough for a big family of little ones to have fun, the shaded pavilion is right next to it, there is a large meadow where the older kids can throw a football or play a game in near by as well.

I didn’t get to give the running trails a test run, but I’d like to head back and do that loop around the eastern part of Ozora Lake. Also, I didn’ t see many trails tailored to mountain bikers like Harbins Park did, so I’m not sure if they have anything separate to ride on or if they are just expected to ride on all the multi-purpose trails.

I like how the park isn’t one centralized parking lot as well. It’s kind of nice to drive through, go over some bridges and just look as the lake when heading to wherever.

What feature do you use most at Tribble Mill Park?

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Photo Gallery of Tribble Mill Park

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